Boston Roundhead

Boston Roundhead broodcock from Lance de la Torre. I recall when I told him I was leaving the company I was working with he insisted that I visit him before I leave. And to my surprise he said: "Partner, select the trio you like. What blood line do you like? Do you like the new blood line I am developing? It's a cross between my Boston Roundhead over the Cowan Roundhead." This was about 6 years ago when the Cowan was still unheard of in the Philippines. The blood line I choose was his signature blood line the Boston Roundhead which produced many of my 2 time winners. The latest win I got during this years Bullang Bullang derby had this blood in him. He won during the Bakbakan Stag Derby last year and also won again for a second time during the Bullang Bullang eliminations.

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